To avoid the hassle of going step by step

configuration just import the settings.


(Use this method to export any app to your android device)


On your computer insert a USB flash memory and

go to the “downloads page” and download

“SteelTv App”



Download to the USB memory drive.


Now click on the zip file with right button on

your mouse and select extract here.


You now have a folder called “StellTv App Settings”.


Eject the USB memory drive and insert it on

the USB port of your android device.


Open Es File Explorer and go to the the USB Drive.


Find the Folder and long press Ok on your remote

control and a mark will show on the folder.


Now go to the part below where it says “COPY” and click on it.


Now go to Home and click on it, it will display several options,

click on HOME and go to where it says “paste” and click ok.


Now go to home screen on your android device and startup STEELTV app.


Go to Home menu and select “Options” and go to “Import and Export”



Click on "Path"

A menu will appear, click on “DATA”


Now browse until you find “SteelTv App Settings” and click on it.

Now click on select this folder.



Now Click on Import, when finished, exit and restart the SteelTv app.


Everything it’s now configured just select the package you

subscribed it and enter your credentials,

wait for the channel list and guide to finish loading and enjoy.


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