Configuring STB EMU


Download STB-Emu or STB-Emu Pro from the

downloads page or Google Play Store.


Once installed click on it to start the application.

The first time you will see this screen:


Click on Close.


You now will see this screen


Press and hold the ok button on your

remote control to open up the settings

on top left corner.


Click on settings


You will be directed to this screen


First we will set up the Common Settings

exactly as shown above


Click on “Accelerated Rendering” and

click on Disable


Now go to “Network Settings” and

disable “Enable network cache”

and press back on your remote control.


Now go to Media Player Settings.


Here it is recommended to use MVP PLAYER,

click on it and enable settings as shown below:


TIP: You can always change the Player

from settings on main screen.


Now go to Profiles, it will look like this:


Click on New Profile to edit it.


First we will change the Profile Name.


For easy localization rename it to the

service you subscribed.




Then click ok.


Now click on “Portal Settings”

Click on Portal URL


Now, erase the default url and enter the

one you received on your e-mail.




And click ok


Now Press back on your remote control

and click on STB configuration:


Here you will find you MAC-address,  that is the one

you need to write down and send us to active

your device.



Now go to Screen resolution and click

on “Auto”


Press back on your remote control

Now click on “Media player settings”

and select Exo.


Press Back on your Remote control and

click on Advanced settings and mark

settings as shown below (Just enable

“Fix AJAX" support) :


Press back on your remote control and

back again to go to main screen.


Here you can long press back on your

remote control to exit or long

press ok for menu and click on exit:

Now re start STB emu and it will start

loading the portal:



Wait for the portal to finish loading and you

will get the first screen of live TV.


Here you can browse to the live TV group

you want to watch and click ok.


Now you will get the channel list, click on a channel

and it will start playing on the right window:

To go full screen, click on the channel again:


With the up and down arrows you

can change channels.


To go back to channel list click ”ok”

or back on your remote control


To go to channels group press the left

arrow on your remote control or back.


Now you can change sections using

the left and right arrow on your remote control.


If you want to add another portal,

go to settings and click on Profiles


Now click on “Add Profile” and repeat

the steps from the top of the page.



Once finished exit and restart STB emu.


To access other profile just long press ok

on your remote control to open up the main

menu on the top left corner and click on profile.


Select the New portal and just wait for it to load.



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